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Choosing the Right Fishing Boat

By: Erik Gaffron

Picking out a boat can be a challenging task for the avid angler, let alone someone looking for their first boat. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult just deciding which type of boat best fits your needs as an angler.

A good place to begin is a reputable marine dealership. Here, someone will find a variety of boat options. In Tune Marine, located in central Minnesota, is a Triton dealership that offers a wide selection of boats in both fiberglass and aluminum hulls as well as Bass, Walleye, Fish & Ski, and other various multi species lay outs.

The type of fishing you do plays a major factor in boat selection. Someone who is a serious bass fisherman, like In Tune Pro Staffer Mike Fiedler, would probably be looking at a textbook bass boat model. One with a shallow hull and wide standing platform. Mike will be fishing out of a 2016 Triton 20 TrX that features a 95” beam. He speaks highly of the extra space.


Mike Fiedler

“The casting deck is another great part about the boat, It’s huge!” said Fiedler,” Being a Minnesota angler, fishing shallow cover or milfoil is common technique, so having both angler on the front deck helps with boat control and ease of fishing, not to mention I could probably sleep on it.”

The construction of your boats hull is another important thing to consider when weighing your options of what type of vessel is correct for you. An Aluminum hull is lighter and may make for better fuel efficiency in some cases. Fiberglass options however offer a safer, smoother, more comfortable ride, and can handle bigger engines. The safer ride is what interested In Tune Pro Staff member Damien Dumonceaux in stepping up in to a 2016 Triton 216 Fishunter, Triton’s flagship multi species rig. His reasoning for doing so was pretty simple.

Dumo Fish Pic

Damien and Patty Dumonceaux

“Fishing is a family activity for us, my wife and I are on the water four to six days a week,” said Dumonceax,” Part of the reason we stepped in to the fiberglass boat from the aluminum was a smooth, dry, and safer ride.”

Both Mike and Damien added that these weren’t the only features that drew them to the Triton line up of boats. Storage was a major player in their boat choice. Damien noted the no slam lids for his kid’s fingers being appealing, and the water tight storage being essential for protecting his tackle investments. His Fishunter is well equipped for his guiding trips, where he hopes to accomplish his overall goal: helping others to catch more fish.

2015 Triton 216 Fishunter2015 Triton Boat4 Fishing Seats

Triton 216 Fishunter

Mike on the other hand preferred the long rod boxes. He says the extended rod boxes can be found throughout the Triton Line up. On top of that, his 20 TrX has a nice center box to keep his tackle collection safe for big water runs. Hopefully this will come in handy on lakes like Mille Lacs, and keep anglers on the water longer. His boat is laid out for a regular tournament rig, with every detail considered.

Triton 20 TrX PatriotTriton 20 TrX PatriotTriton 20 TrX Patriot

Triton 20 TrX Patriot

“The cooler is one of my favorite features of this boat,” said Fiedler,” When I started looking for a new boat I wanted a nice cooler since my old boat didn’t have one. The sandwich shelf in the Triton is a major bonus.” Noted: When choosing a boat, choose the brand that thinks of everything, even your sandwiches.

No matter what you’re looking for in a boat you can find an ideal Triton model to fit your needs. Whether you’re flipping milfoil to win some Minnesota bass tournaments or just taking the family out for some fun fishing, check out In Tune Marine for various fishing boat options in stock. In Tune Marine also has lots of used options, and their friendly staff is always awesome to talk fishing with. Schedule a test drive this spring!

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